Friday, July 27, 2012

Video I'm trying to get makes for an unusual fix.

As you all know, one of the things I have bitched about a lot over the past years are those morons that do 40-45 MPH in the 55 MPH. Especially on this one section of road where you can't pass them. Hey, you're not the only one paying for this road, how about showing the rest of us some respect? You pass by at least two or three signs that clearly state 55 MPH. Still Tweedle-Dumber can't figure it out. Then we come to an intersection in which the road splits from two lanes to four. Right there is when it must dawn on the guy that wonders where the sun goes when it sets what the speed limit is.

Actually I think that most of these a-holes are doing it on purpose. They must have this attitude that no one will be allowed in front of them at all. A number of times when I went to change lanes to pass them, they magically match my cruise control settings. Thereby blocking me. On top of that often they shoot up to 70 MPH! No Kidding! I tried keeping up with them, but when my speedometer reaches 60, common sense on my part kicks in and I slow it down. Knowing my luck there is a cop up ahead and I'll be the one nailed.

My driver's license is my lively-hood. I'm not risking it on some dumbass trying to prove how big his dick is. I already pay through the nose for the best insurance I can get, I'm not paying any more for it because it doesn't cover MY stupidity.

I don't know what it is about this particular section of road. For some reason people act like they're the last lap of the Daytona 500. In both directions. Then they slow right back down at these two intersections. Never fails. Idiot does 45 MPH for several miles, at intersection one speeds up to 70, at intersection two slows it back down to 45. That's the other reason why I think they're doing it on purpose.

Now, what I have been trying to do for the past eight or so months is capture footage of this. I have had zero luck so far. It's amazing. As soon as that camera comes out, BOOM! Up to 55. Never fails. This is my theory: everybody has figured out that those traffic cameras right next to the stop lights are not on. If they were, nobody would be running the red lights. However, when looking in your rear view mirror, and a guy has a camera pointed at you, you know you're going to be on YouTube within hours.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Thanks for the new road, but...

Over the last month or so, a mile and a half stretch of road near where I live was ripped up and replaced with brand new asphalt. Let's make no mistake, I appreciate it. While it was being worked on I had to drive on it a number of times. I was able to closely observe the workmanship going on. I was very impressed.

They got the whole road tore up in about two days. Then they ripped up the base and put in some new fill material. The guy running the grader did an outstanding job in moving the dirt around and not spilling over the sides. On top of that he crowned the road perfectly. The soil was kept wet enough so it compacted just right. I drove on right before it was paved and it was just about as smooth as asphalt. The road was paved in about two days. The pavement is smooth from one end to another.

Remember that I used the word "but" in the title?

So here's my gripe. Keep in mind, this not on the people who built the road, not at all. It's directed solely at the people that decide we needed a new road. The old road was not in all that bad a shape. Filled potholes here and there. The edges in a few places were starting to crumble. The one end of this road that intersected with another was a little too narrow. But, this was a total waste of time and money. Especially considering that there isn't a whole lot of people that drive on it.

On top of that, three months ago a new drainage ditch was dug on one side and culverts put in across the road to drain into a canal. The guys did a great job of covering that back up nice and smooth. I have to ask, why couldn't both jobs had been done at the same time? Could have saved several thousand dollars in work and materials.

You see, about two miles away there are three intersections that have needed right turn lanes for at least ten years now. In order to make a right turn at these intersections you have to practically come to a complete stop and then turn. While that's going on there's a guy behind you doing 55 MPH. Then there's the dumbasses who will pass you using the left turn lane. What surprises me is that there haven't been any accidents, to my knowledge. It's only a matter of time until there is a major rear ender or a head on.

In closing, I appreciate the new road. I appreciate all the hard work in this heat.

However, I would have gladly given it up just to be able to make a safe right turn.

What I should do is start attending county meetings where these projects are decided. Then again I'm too busy earning the money that gets used for these "Your Tax Payer Dollars at Work" projects.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Rosario Vampire Season 2 Volume 9.

That was the best damn fireworks display I've seen in my area in a long time.

Back on June 29th I was perusing one my local Hastings when I spied Rosario Vampire Volume 19. I immediately opened up volume 18 and saw clearly that the release date was supposed to be July. Lucky me that someone screwed up. Either Shonen Jump Advanced or Viz Media for putting down the wrong date. Or, I'm not going to say anything else about it because I don't want some hard working individual that barely makes minimum wage to get in any trouble for stocking the shelves too soon. All I need to say is thanks, dude.

Before I get into a long discussion about volume 9, I need to go back over volume 8. I started discussing several similarities I noticed between it and the anime Orphen. I didn't get too deep because of spoilers. Now it has been several months and everybody who is a fan has bought and read it. Probably has even been to the site that I get the upcoming scans from. By the way, this site has all the way through chapter 54. No doubt that a lot of people have read it all the way through. I assure you that I'm waiting for these things to come out to my local bookstores and BUYING them. (I will admit to reading several other series that are not available here in the U.S. (Better hurry, it's only a matter of time before that site is shut down.))

Continuing with Orphen, I'm only going to say one thing, but first let's look at some pictures:

Then there is the character Lycoris. A younger sister that had all her memories sealed away. Sound familiar?

I don't think there is anything intentional on Akihisa Ikeda's part at all. I have no doubt if I were to delve into my video collection I might find some of the same scenes. As a matter of fact I do seem to remember somewhat of the same things going on in an episode of Transformers and Thundercats.

However I do find this interesting:

Now let's look at Rosario Vampire Season 2 volume 9 (finally.) Graphically I noted that there seemed to be a return to the style that has been used throughout the entire series: getting occasional well drawn out and detailed scenes and more simplistic ones for the most part. While the first half is well done, the second half is back to the old style. A side note from me, while reading through the online version I noticed a distinct lack of detail as opposed to the volumes I bought.

We in the States are getting something a bit different. I wish I could show you but that would mean tearing up my $10 copy. I ain't doing that. (I guess this is supposed to be the "B" Team. More likely to be found somewhere around "X" "Y" or "Z.")

That image brings back a point I made in an earlier article: too many characters. In volume 8 Mizore was just sitting there in Moka's dream doing nothing the whole time. On top of that, characters we were led to believe were killed, weren't. If the story progresses the way I think, we're going to have about ten people assaulting the Fairy Tale headquaters. That's just the good guys. We also got badguys from a long time ago returning and joining in as well. I don't doubt the writer's ability to make it a cohesive and compelling story, I just question the necessity of it all.

Speaking of compelling story, most of the last third isn't. More of Tsukune's whining about wanting to get stronger to protect Moka. A bedroom scene between Gin and Kurumu with Mizore trying to make her mark in comedy. Then a total breakdown in training amongst the B Team. What was interesting was Kurumu. The last part really focused in on her and her love for Tsukune.

Since we're talking story, I noticed this earlier, but I can't remember if I ever made any mention of it. It's the way the writing has drastically changed. In season 1 we mostly got comedy with small doses of seriousness and character development. Season 2 has evolved into serious storytelling with punctuations of humor. I really want to see this series go back to being more of a comedy. Thinking about it further, that really was the anime's strongest point.

Now for some funny asides:

This judgmental thought brought to you by a ten twelve year girl that drools over the prospect of a three-way with vampire and a ghoul. (Oops. I would like to say a mistake like this comes about because I did this review in the span of one day; but even if I do take a whole two weeks worth of research...)

The hell? Not just here, but everywhere. When has he ever talked like this? So I did some research. Had to go all the way back to Rosario Vampire Season 2 volume 5 in which Gin actually had more than just a couple of lines. It does describe him as talking like a hick and Gin does say "ya'll" occasionally. However, taking the whole series into consideration, I really never got the notion he talked like Larry the Cable Guy until now.

I know I'm stepping into a mine field on this one. Plus I'm doing it without a mine detector or even a flak vest. But, I must give credit where credit is due. I have long decried the nudity and upskirts in this series. This volume was a lot different in that respect. No nudity and very few panty shots. There were many opportunaties for them, but the writer decided to start taking the high road. The rather clever use of feet, legs, and impossible skirt mechanics to cover up what a 16 year old succubus wears under her skirt. Thank you. Keep in mind, still rated "Older Teen." (What ever that is supposed to mean.)

If only Yokai Academy was a monster college instead of a monster high school. All the blood and nudity really wouldn't bother me. I do keep in mind that Hastings ain't reaching into my pockets and taking my money and leaving Rosario Vampire behind.

Overall I think I got my money's worth. I very much look forward to Rosario Vampire season 2 volume 10. Yes, I will wait and NOT read ahead.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012