Sunday, October 25, 2020

Rapunzel's Anguish Rosenkreuzstilette Playthrough Part 2 I learned something new to me about this game. All the Mega Man 4 passwords work. I knew about the Sepperin stage, but all of them? I spent a few hours yesterday playing the game for passwords with the cheater. I got sick of that and looked to see if anybody had done what I was doing in the past 13 years. #rosenkreuzstilette #rks #platformer #action #doujingame #classic #classicgaming #retro #retrostyle

Mega Man Maker RKS Hurricane Liebea

Trafficality 36: Wrath of Lejonque Debris

Song is Junk Man from Mega Man Maker.

Trafficality 37: True Art Real Affection

Song by Noir Et Blanc Vie

Wrath of Lejonque Debris Mega Man Maker

It's so much easier to copy what other people have done. There's a part two; but you will have to go to my gaming and anime channel for that.