Friday, December 1, 2017

I've discussed this before in the comments section of several posts, but I think it deserves its own article. When I click the stats link I am greeted with an overview that includes page views, posts, traffic sources, and audience in the form of a world map. Clicking the links brings up a page dedicated to each subject and then some.

Nothing too surprising here. The usual suspects are on top of course. For some reason that rant about yuri anime has been popping up for some reason. This topic is the most important of all. It tells me what brings people in. That's why on my personal blog I spent so much time talking about Rosenkreuzstilette, Rosario Vampire, and Discworld Noir instead of Oh My Goddess and Inukami.

This is very important for me as someone that designs his own web sites. You see each browser handles HTML, CSS, and JS in different ways. I have to program based on what people coming to my sites are using. Of course Google does all the coding for me here. Thank goodness.

Interesting if you have some desire to see what operating systems visitors are using. Really not at all useful.

Again only useful if you have some morbid curiosity about what countries people are calling in from. It does confirm that on my personal blog most people come in from England, France, and sometimes Germany to read about the werewolf private detective. Here on this blog the number of visits to Yuru Yuri and other anime related posts tend to match up with the number of visits from Japan.
Thanks to a yuri doujinshi site for the flag counter.

Fun fact: for the past eight years I had a “mysterious” follower on my personal blog. As soon as I mentioned these stats in a comment, that follower disappeared.