Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Furry Doll Maker: The Foxgirls April and Bonnie.

In what seems my never ending quest to find lost sprite art I come across all sorts of things.
Like the Furry Doll Maker by geN8hedgehog.

I finally get to see some of my characters in a form other than sprite. I must admit I have pipe dreamed about getting fan art.
Since I'll never get any, I'll make my own.

Included in that account is the Anime Face Maker.
Toki and Jessica anime style. Wow.

Missed Mistakes in Yuru Yuri.

How did I ever not notice these the first hundred times I watched Yuru Yuri?

In the first screen cap we see that Chitose, Akari, Chinatsu, and Sakurako are wearing old type style school swimsuits. In the amount of time it took to switch cameras they must have ran back to the dressing rooms and changed into new type swim suits.

Did Kyouko take her North Korean Flag wrist band off to dance around? Then put it back on a second later? Why did I miss these so painfully obvious mistakes before? My guess is that I'm reading the subtitles while all this is going on. That's one of the reasons why I prefer dubbed anime. Then again would I want to listen to hours of names being mispronounced? A-kar-ree. Kee-o-ko. Chee-nots. Sa-kur-ra-ko. Hee-ma-war-ree.
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