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Semi truck was making a right turn from the left lane when it ran over a pickup passing on the right.

I don't know the particulars, but I can say this, always make sure your turn signals work and use them. Adjust mirrors so you can see and use them. Assume the worse. Like someone isn't going to give you the space you need to make a turn into a spot where hundreds of trucks a day turn into.

Looking closer at the back of the pickup, that does not appear to be a Washington state license plate. Could be an out of state guy was in the wrong place wrong time. Either that or he just bought it and he was showing off and wasn't paying any attention to the blinking yellow lights on the side of the semi truck and trailer in a spot where hundreds of trucks a day turn into.

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Motorcycle Police Officer Gives Chase

Yes I do have Japanese songs other than ones used in anime. Mostly what I got off of opening/ending CDs and TM Revolution.

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