Monday, April 24, 2017

Dragged Kicking and Screaming into Talking About this Yuru Yuri Mistake.

There was a back and forth going on between me and some people about another post. I promised to make a post about how I'm unarguably almost always some of the time right about mistakes in Yuru Yuri and everybody else is unarguably almost always some of the time wrong.

In researching another mistake I found this. Now let me get this straight, Yui, Kyoko, and Ayano have been going the same middle school for over a year and never met Chistose's twin sister Chizuru?

The Ikeda home seams to have changed quit a bit between seasons one and three.

Just hammering home the point.

This is a mistake because at no point in time are we the viewers ever told that Chitose and Chizuru moved to a new place. In fact in this very episode a flash back makes it look like they always lived there.

Spelling suggestions for Chitose and Chizuru: Schistose and Zurich.


Anonymous said...

Nice try dont think we fall for this. Another blantant attempt to cover up your past homophobia. Youre a lilicon and you will always be a fucking lolicon perv.

Joe said...

Recently in a response to another comment I went on talked about what Blogger stats tells me about you. What posts people go to, what operating systems are used, what browsers, and what countries people are visiting from. Sometime I catch it it at the exact moment when a person visits from a country that wouldn't normally show up because the US, Canada, England, and Russia tend to dominate the rankings.

Something else that I see are all the comments ever made from newest to oldest. There's this section called “Awaiting Moderation” where I see things right away that normally people wouldn't unless they wanted to take note of all the time stamps of these comments.

You see this comment came in at about the same as another making it plain that not only do they have animosity towards those that may have been born as the wrong gender, but self identify as another species too. And seems to have no concept of the term mascot.