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Update to How Many Ears Does Amy Rose Have.

This is from the game Sonic Boom Fire and Ice, I think. Apparently the ears on top of their heads do work.

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The Incredibly Over Simplified Explanation to Star Wars Force Ghosts.

Force Ghosts appear to those that they have a strong attachment to and have a strong attachment to them.

That's it. Continue reading if you want.

Maybe I should begin by explaining my fan credentials of Star Wars. There's not much there. As of this writing I've seen all but Rouge One. I've had the Blu-Ray since it came out but instead opted to watch When They Cry for the second time in a year. (Pretty amazing plot holes in that series.) I've only watched two seasons of Clone Wars. Excessively boring and an excessive amount of violence. I've opted out of ever watching Rebels. (So much yuri anime out there and it won't watch itself for the third of fifth time.)

To sum up I'm more of a casual fan. The movies are all that I need. Plus some YouTube videos. There's quite a few good ones. But the ones that got me going on this essay are about Force Ghosts. They'll spend from five to fifteen/twenty minutes telling us all about non-cannon Star Wars lore to explain this phenomenon.

In all those hours of videos there are two questions never asked and therefore never answered. Who are the people that become Force Ghosts and who do they appear to? To the best of my knowledge only four people have ever become Force Ghosts: Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Anakin. There's a commonality to their appearances. Qui-Gon appeared to Obi-Wan. Then Obi-wan, Yoda, and Anakin appeared to Luke. (Maybe Leia, not too sure. Probably not.) Force Ghosts appear to those that they have a strong attachment to and have a strong attachment to them.

Only took me one title line of eight words to get to my point. Then three paragraphs of about 239 words and an hour's worth of research and typing to not explain my point.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Dragged Kicking and Screaming into Talking About this Yuru Yuri Mistake.

There was a back and forth going on between me and some people about another post. I promised to make a post about how I'm unarguably almost always some of the time right about mistakes in Yuru Yuri and everybody else is unarguably almost always some of the time wrong.

In researching another mistake I found this. Now let me get this straight, Yui, Kyoko, and Ayano have been going the same middle school for over a year and never met Chistose's twin sister Chizuru?

The Ikeda home seams to have changed quit a bit between seasons one and three.

Just hammering home the point.

This is a mistake because at no point in time are we the viewers ever told that Chitose and Chizuru moved to a new place. In fact in this very episode a flash back makes it look like they always lived there.

Spelling suggestions for Chitose and Chizuru: Schistose and Zurich.

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More Mistakes in Yuru Yuri.

Sakurako makes a map to her house. Presumably for Chinatsu.

So why does Akari have the map later on? She's been to Sakurako's house before.

On top of that her house is completely different than before.

Now take another look at that map, then look at Sakurako's houses.

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Furry Doll Maker: The Foxgirls April and Bonnie.

In what seems my never ending quest to find lost sprite art I come across all sorts of things.
Like the Furry Doll Maker by geN8hedgehog.

I finally get to see some of my characters in a form other than sprite. I must admit I have pipe dreamed about getting fan art.
Since I'll never get any, I'll make my own.

Included in that account is the Anime Face Maker.
Toki and Jessica anime style. Wow.

Missed Mistakes in Yuru Yuri.

How did I ever not notice these the first hundred times I watched Yuru Yuri?

In the first screen cap we see that Chitose, Akari, Chinatsu, and Sakurako are wearing old type style school swimsuits. In the amount of time it took to switch cameras they must have ran back to the dressing rooms and changed into new type swim suits.

Did Kyouko take her North Korean Flag wrist band off to dance around? Then put it back on a second later? Why did I miss these so painfully obvious mistakes before? My guess is that I'm reading the subtitles while all this is going on. That's one of the reasons why I prefer dubbed anime. Then again would I want to listen to hours of names being mispronounced? A-kar-ree. Kee-o-ko. Chee-nots. Sa-kur-ra-ko. Hee-ma-war-ree.