Sunday, August 30, 2020

Trafficality 35 Late Night Train

Songs by Vans in Japan,
John Page Contraband, and John Stewart

Mega Man Maker RKS Can Opener

I've been working on this
project for over two years now. I think that's longer than the
original game's development cycle. Why does it take me so long to
copy someone else's work? I have to record RKS game play and then go
screen by screen counting tiles and then try and find equivalent
resources in Mega Man Maker. Not a lot of Gothic brick in M3. Let's
not forget the major stoppages in M3's development. Injuries and
working on projects that actually pay.

Ground Which Can Shine Rosenkreuzstilette Playthrough Part 1

Sunday, July 19, 2020

traffficality 34 Sign of the Vibration

Song by South London HiFi

Leo Laporte talks how to
be a PC Whisperer, Jacques Debris strikes, Friendly neighborhood fire

The dashcam clips are free
use. You may download, edit, upload to the forum of your choice for
general discussion and\or bad mouthing.

“Rectum? Nearly killed

Fox up a Tree