Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"What's up with Toni, I thought she was a lesbian?"

That question was asked of me years ago while giving a sneak peak of Season 19 to a friend of mine. There were two ways to answer that question: The smart way, and the stupid way. You have probably already guessed which one I went with.

"These are my characters and I'll have them do what I want."

While true, It's a very dumb reason. Ravy Comics has developed over the years as more of a character driven comic. Such as my personal favorite Bloom County; rather than a random comic like the great Far Side. When someone asks a question as to why a character does something, you have to be prepared with an answer. A real one. Comic number 1607 being posted on January 13 2011 answers the question as to why Toni gave up being a lesbian and married a man.

Simply put she fell in love with Op.

However there is an answer behind the answer. I based a lot of this particular comic and ones over the years on real life events, situations, and conversations I have been party to. One such case is a lesbian friend of mine and I were have an engrossing conversation about the ins and outs of our favorite subject: sex with women. When  it just popped out:

"Do you think it's possible for you to fall in love with a man?" She said yes. "Then I have a chance." I remember coming to hours later with a big purple bruise on my forehead. Months later another friend of mine seemed down in the dumps. She told me that her partner got herself pregnant and married the guy. I asked her who she wanted me to make cry and how about some revenge sex. I remember waking up hours later with now two purple bruises on my forehead.

"These are my characters and I'll have them do what I want." Has haunted me for years and now I think I can lay it to rest.

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Anonymous said...

Regrets? I bet you do.

Joe said...

I'd bet you're right.

Anonymous said...

Could you give some examples?

Joe said...

There are many schools of thought on the subject of regrets ranging from “I HAVE NO REGRETS” to “ I regret everything and here they all are in a blog, podcast, YouTube channel, Twitter, and maybe even a book.” My views are simply that regrets come and go. Things I was whining, bitching, and moaning about 15 years ago are completely inconsequential to my life now. As of this writing I look back on things from 15 years ago I find a few regrets there because they affect me now.

Anonymous said...

Try this way. What did you regret in 2002 that you don't now and what did you do in 2002 that you regret now?

Joe said...

One bitch I kept saying for awhile was "Man I wish I'd stayed in Korea." Would my life be any different now if I had extended my stay for a few months or even years? Nope.

As to what happened then, it's more like what I didn't do. (Another school of thought on regrets.) It was about that time I discovered sprite comics. In turn also discovered sprite sites. Too bad I only saved a few things from way back when. I kept no bookmarks and didn't save any pages. I wish I had. The Internet Archive didn't save much at all. There's a lot of missing information probably lost forever. I been lucky enough to recover what I have, but I doubt I'm ever going to be lucky enough for someone to send me the rest of Shadey Theatre or YASSSC. (I only recently discovered the latter, trust me when I say that A LOT of people want the entire set.) You know the old saying, once it's on the NET... If I knew then what I know now... but then I had no idea I was going to make my own sprite site and get into museum sites. I count my blessings. I'm happy I saved what I did. Somehow had that rare presence of mind for me to save all of Super Adventure Quint. Even that funky vibe roller one. Who would have guessed that me of all people would buy the site?

Anonymous said...

"I thought I had seen rock bottom on 4chan and Drunkduck, but this site, your silly rants, your mounstruous ego and your incredible lazyness are way worse than Christian Chandler and his Sonichu." Please describe the stream of consciousness which led you to the conclusion that it was Christian Chandler who made that comment.

Paul said...

Hey man I read somewhere you tried to have your comic on bob n george and was rejected True? Why were you rejected? Doesn't seem any worse than all the others that made it Mega man stories youre making now are so funny Im confused why does mega man keep changing from comic to comic?

Joe said...

I've seen the comments in the queue, but it's going to be awhile before I can get to them. Those comments need a lot of thinking and research on my part to respond to them. Also I'm very busy right now. I have a day job. Blogger is free, but I have to pay for the Internet connection. On top of that I promised someone a blog post about why a bedroom scene in Yuru Yuri between Chistose and Ayano is a mistake. That's going to require I watch a few episodes to get all the necessary screen shots.

Joe said...

To Mr. Dangerously: yes I tried to get on to the Bob and George fan comic section, but it wasn't meant to be. I was given lots of reasons why not and I don't disagree with any of them to this day, only that I was never given any suggestions for improvement. As I recall. I think I have the emails, but I have no desire to look back over that stuff. Thinking back over it, I have a feeling there's more to it than what was said, still, I don't want to speculate. All I need to say is that me being on my own was the best course of action. I have the freedom to do what I want and how I want to do it by owning my own sites.

As to the two comics you're confused over. One is Super Adventure Quint. It was made from about 2001 to 2004, I think. It's a good comic and should be enjoyed by all. I'll keep publishing it until I run out of options. The other comic is a series I made from 2003 to 2008 called Mega Man VS Sailor Moon.

Joe said...

In response to another comment, let me first fill in some context:

“ Joe said... Dear Mr. Chandler: Have you become so desperate for attention that you would anonymously troll this blog for attention? November 18, 2010 at 5:51 PM "

The old "I am rubber you are glue" routine. I have only ever been to 4Chan a couple of times and I'm not smart enough to follow the conversion going on there. Honestly I think 4Chan has much better things on its mind than little ol' me. I'm fairly certain someone was trying to use the 4Chan name in vain.

I have no idea why anybody would have issues with The Duck Web Comics. Bob and George has endorsed them now for a very long time.

Let me digress a little. I can because it's my blog and I can filibuster all I want. I do look at the stats for this blog and they tell me all kinds of cool things. Like the web browsers people use to visit my blog and the OSes they are using. I can see what countries they come from, the pages linked to me, and maybe the pages they visited before. What I don't get is IPs, cities, or states. So if Christian Chandler is visiting my blog, I wouldn't know. He could be using an anonymizer site, but why would he? I do believe he lives in the United States so an anonymizer would be pointless.

Christian Chandler. What can I say? Up to that point I had never heard of him. After posting my response I did spend five minutes looking him up. I didn't get it. After all these years I still don't.